HafenCity Hideaway


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HafenCity Hideaway


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This renovated Harbor Crane is a maritime Hideaway in the heart of Hafencity, directly across from the Elbphilharmonie. Whether you want to surprise your companion with concert tickets and a special overnight experience, or enjoy the view from the Crane with a glass of wine and the unique architecture that surrounds it, there is no doubt, this is a magical experience.  


It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist and want to discover every corner of the city, or you have lived in Hamburg for 50 years and want an escape from your everyday life, because the Hafenkran is in the middle of the center of the city, by the port, and walking distance from the main train station. Mönkebergerstrasse and the Elbphilharmonie are very nearby, but can also feel very far away, as you can forget about every day life for a few hours as you step onto the floating Harbor Crane and experience the magic of this iconic landmark. If you are into it, you can spin your own sailor's yarn, look at things from a high position, think of something great, dare something or just relax a bit.

Crane Operator for a Night

You can spend a few romantic hours as a couple, in the room where the crane-operator steered the grip or „Greif“ of the crane to lift heavy loads around for more than 70 years. You can experience the harbor up close, but also live in your own world when you lock the door, and hide away from the busy every day life. It is not a 5-star hotel, there is no lobby or liftboy, but you will not lack anything. The style is simple, maritime, the decor is functional, thoughtful, and almost every item in there is unique. 

Harry’s Hamburger Hafenbasar

The harbor crane is not just Hamburg’s most unusual accomodation, it also houses Harry’s Hamburger Hafenbasar, the city’s most curious museum. Inside the pontoon is the bizarre collection of the white-bearded Captain, Harry Rosenberg – God Bless Him – who collected the most incredible items from all over the world and brought them home. After the Captain’s death, Dr. Gereon Boos took over the collection and brought it back to sea by converting the lower level of the Harbor Crane into a museum. Today, guests of the Hideaway can visit the collection during opening hours, before retiring to their cabin.


Captain’s Dinner

The Harbor Crane does not need a kitchen, because a kind soul will bring you breakfast to your doorstep every morning during your stay. You could take it onto the terrace, but since it almost always rains in Hamburg, you might as well enjoy it by the bar, in the lounge or in bed. And in the evening? You will be within 10 minutes of the best restaurants in the city. From the Matjesbrötchen to the Stern Dinner, you will find everything your heart desires. Our housekeeper will be happy to help you with recommendations and reservations. 

+49 30 330 22 999



What do you need to bring? Actually you only need to bring yourself and one loved one, the magic of the place will take care of the rest, and makes anything else superfluous. 


A Gift Card to a Unique Experience

Give something that cannot be given away, the experience of a night in the Hideaway



Entrance at Sandtor Hafen at over the bridge at Am Sandtorkai 68, 20457 Hamburg.

Parking: CONTIPARK Garage Speicherstadt, Am Sandtorkai 6, 20457 Hamburg.

Hamburg Main Train Station (1,8km),
S1 Stadthausbrücke (800m) or
U4 Überseequartier (900m)

Hamburg Airport (26 minutes by car)